A guide to the best day trip in Siolim

From fishing to kayaking, things to do in picturesque Siolim
Visit Siolim in Goa and relax.
Visit Siolim in Goa and relax. Gomantak Times

The state of Goa is blessed with miles and miles of beaches. In addition to that, there are many beautiful villages, which have a charm and character of their own. One such village is Siolim.

Located around 7 km from Mapusa, in Bardez taluka, North Goa, it is a stunning riverside village with so much to see.

Visit Siolim in Goa and relax.
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Siolim has two main hubs located a few kilometres from each other – one is near the roundabout close to the impressive St Anthony’s Church, where there are a couple of shops and stalls.

The other being Tar, towards the Chapora River, where there is the old ferry point, and which is the site of the regular fish market.

Visit Siolim in Goa and relax.
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When someone visits Siolim, the general instinct is to go right through the village, and straight to Morjim or Ashvem beach. But, why not pause in Siolim for a bit and check out a couple of places instead of going straight towards the famous beaches.

Just hop onto your bikes and let's head to these places so that you’re back home in time for dinner.

One of the many beautiful Churches in Siolim.
One of the many beautiful Churches in Siolim. Gomantak Times

1. St Anthony’s Church

St Anthony’s church is a very beautiful and magnificent church to look at. The church is located at the far end of Siolim.

A little back story on the church. The church is dedicated to St Anthony and was built in the year 1630. The church was built after the saint’s first miracle which took place back in the year 1600, when the Franciscan fathers wanted to build a new church, but didn’t have enough funds to fulfil the plan.

Visit Siolim in Goa and relax.
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Around the same time, two Portuguese merchants who were travelling by sea with a statue of St Anthony, were suddenly caught in a storm. Gripped in fear, they vowed to the saint that on reaching safely, they would build a church in his honour.

It just so happened that they eventually reached the village of Siolim, where they met the Franciscan fathers who were collecting funds for the construction of the new church.

Visit Siolim in Goa and relax.
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Thus, the merchants were able to fulfil their vow and build a church in honour of St Anthony. Everything worked out well, and now there is a beautiful church in Siolim in honour of St Anthony!

Relax and rejuvenate at Siolim.
Relax and rejuvenate at Siolim. Photo: Vicky Singh

2. Vaddy riverfront

Since Siolim is basically a riverside village, you come across a number of spots which make great sunset points, and would be the perfect scenic backdrop for photographs.

While not exactly a sunset point, as you ride along the Vaddy road, you find yourself riding alongside the Chapora River, where you can halt and embrace the view of the magnificent river from the banks of this beautiful village.

Visit Siolim in Goa and relax.
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The old Chapora ferry point is also located on this route, and is no longer in use by the public; it is only the fishermen from the neighbourhood who use this ferry point to venture into the river for fishing activities.

A little landmark for you to know what road we are referring to is the route that passes by Thalassa restaurant, in Siolim. A ride along this route will help you know exactly why this route is called a sunset point. There are a number of restaurants along this route where you can sit back and enjoy the view.

3. Uddo beach

Uddo beach is small in comparison to other beaches like Morjim or Ashvem. It is considered a hidden beach, located in a favourable neighbourhood.

The waters of Uddo beach merge with the Chapora river. The beach is quiet and relaxing since there are no tourists there. During the morning hours, there are kayaking activities there.

Visit Siolim in Goa and relax.
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You can also enjoy a nice morning beach walk or dip your feet in the cool, clear waters. Swimming is not really recommended as there are currents in the water. There are several bars and restaurants nearby where you can enjoy the sunset views with good food and a chilled drink.

Add sitting under the bridge in Siolim to your to-do list.
Add sitting under the bridge in Siolim to your to-do list. Photo: Roxanne D'silva

4. Under the Siolim bridge waterfront view

This location is right below the Siolim bridge and is very famous among the Siolicars/ Shivalkars (villagers of Siolim), and provides scenic views of the Chapora River and across ies Chopedem.

Sit on the retaining wall along the roadside while you dangle your legs over the riverside. The best time to visit this place is at dusk.

Visit Siolim in Goa and relax.
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5. Oxel manas riverfront

Oxel village is adjacent to Siolim village, and is picturesque considering that it is surrounded by water. Siolim village lies on its west, while Camurlin is located on it east. The mangroves along the Chapora River give Oxel manas a pretty view to look from.

The lane was earlier a dirt road. Now, however, it has been tarred, and the route is spacious enough to turn a car around. This place is famous among the locals for fishing and watching sunsets, while they have a nice evening chat. You will find a lot of locals in the area.

Visit Siolim in Goa and relax.
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Enjoy the soothing breeze, birds and mangroves that the place has to offer. The best time of the day to visit this place is at dawn or dusk.

After roaming around and checking out these hidden gems, I'm sure you have built up an appetite for some snacks. Here are a few places to help you satisfy your hunger pangs.

6. Amancio Classic

Amancio Classic is a multi-cuisine restaurant, located in Siolim near the old ferry point, which is along the Siolim market route.

Amancio is famous for its mouth-watering seafood dishes and Goan cuisine. Other dishes available at the restaurant are tandoor, Chinese and Indian food. The restaurant has quick and friendly service, with live music every Tuesday evening. So, drop in to enjoy a pleasant evening with good music and food.

LOCATION: Tarchi Bhatt, Siolim

WHEN: Everyday

TIMINGS: 12 pm - 3 pm / 6.30 pm - 11 pm

7. The Coastal Spice

Coastal Spice is a multi-cuisine restaurant located on the Chapora-Siolim road. It is a very spacious restaurant with part pool view and the other road view. Their interiors are very selective and impressive.

The restaurant is famous for its seafood cuisine. Other than that they have a variety of Goan cuisine, North Indian and Mughlai.

LOCATION: Ziva suites, Vaddy, Chapora road, Siolim

WHEN: Everyday

TIMINGS: 8.30 am - 11 pm

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