Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Noxibantlem'

Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr, 'Noxibantlem', is a complete entertainer and revolves around the destiny of a person
Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr is 'Noxibantlem'
Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr is 'Noxibantlem'Gomantak Times

The post-monsoon tiatr season has just begun with a bang. There are around 23 tiatrs in the offing for tiatr lovers. Which among the new releases is a complete entertainer will depend solely on the viewers, and they will be the judges providing the final verdict.

Prince Jacob’s tiatr, Noxibantlem, focuses on the destiny or fate of a person. What is destined in one’s life, nobody can change it. And, however much one may try to turn the tables in one’s favour through influence and money power, that period is short, thus proving that God’s plans can never be changed by man.

Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr is 'Noxibantlem'
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The curtains open to a flashback scene wherein a nun is seen praying in front of a statue of Jesus Christ. An unknown man enters and is in search of his prized possession. There’s a brief dialogue between the two, but the hunter fails to find his prey.

Preparations are on to get Juwella (Briscila) married to Roy (Godwin). The former’s mother Ana Maria (Candida) along with her husband (Jacinto Gracias) and PA Salu (Prince Jacob) await the arrival of the groom.

A scene from Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr, 'Noxibantlem'
A scene from Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr, 'Noxibantlem'Mario Pires

However, Roy fails to turn up for the nuptials. The priest, Fr Savio (Luciano), who will preside over the religious ceremony is also present at the venue, but Roy does not make his appearance. Juwella is devastated.

Back home, Juwella decides not to get into any relationship with anyone thereafter. But, her mom is all set to bring in new proposals of her choice. Juwella’s father faces humiliation every time he steps out of his house.

Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr is 'Noxibantlem'
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One fine day, when Juwella decides to take the drastic step in life, Fr Savio convinces her otherwise and guides her onto a different path. Juwella chooses the religious path, but what follows next in the family is worth the watch on stage in the second half.


Tiatr, Noxibantlem, carries a good storyline, with some twists and turns which make viewing interesting. Each scene has something new to offer and the artistes have given their best performances.

Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr is 'Noxibantlem'
Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr is 'Noxibantlem'Mario Pires

Jacinto and Candida have displayed good talent as parents to Briscila. On the other hand, there’s Godwin, Baptist and Celeste teaming up in a different household.

For some laugh riots, Prince Jacob has Cedric, Evola, Bony Alvim and Avers Pereira assisting him.

Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr is 'Noxibantlem'
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With several tiatrists migrating to the UK, the director mentions, in the drama, that the time has dawned when lamanis, or migrants, will hop onto the tiatr stage and provide entertainment to the Goan community.

For those who enjoy live songs on stage, Evola comes along with the opening song and she renders it with gusto. There are a couple of solos from Avers, Agnelo de Dabolim and Bony Alvim. All three solos, rendered in style, have a message to the audience.

Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr is 'Noxibantlem'
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Other songs in the show are by Luciano, Baptist and Avers; Prince Jacob and Cedric; Agnelo and Candida; Candida, Avers and Celeste; Celeste and Baptist; Bony and Agnelo. There’s also a trio by Baptist, Bony and Agnelo, but a quartet goes amiss in the presentation.

Apart from good acts by all the artistes, there are some biblical scenes from the Bible in the opening song which includes prophet Jonas in the stomach of the whale and ‘manna’ from Heaven.

Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr is 'Noxibantlem'
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Seby Moraes on the trumpet and his musical team Mariano (saxophone), Joyel (keyboard), Joman (bass) and Macmilan on the drums have provided good live music.

The stage sets have been worked upon by Chari while John Fernandes has executed the lights. Noxibantlem is a good entertainer to be enjoyed with the family members.

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