Tiatr scene in Goa: New Year, new releases

As the New Year begins, tiatr-lovers are in for a treat with new productions from Saby de Divar and Comedian Richard
This month sees two new 'tiatrs'
This month sees two new 'tiatrs'Gomantak Times

Apart from the regular tiatr releases during various seasons in Goa, when new releases come out unexpectedly, the anxiety is more among the tiatr lovers.

As a ‘New Year’ gift to tiatr buffs, two noted artistes of the Konkani stage – one popular for political songs and the other applauded for comedy – will be releasing their new productions shortly.

'Tiatr' lovers will get to see the new productions from comedian Richard and Saby de Divar this month
'Tiatr' lovers will get to see the new productions from comedian Richard and Saby de Divar this monthPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Saby de Divar has always entertained the Goan masses with his thought-provoking songs on politics and politicians. He is a part of the Roseferns’ dramatic troupe and comedian Sally’s dramatic troupe and rendered songs on current political issues.

After winning the hearts of tiatr-goers through his political songs, Saby de Divar will release his fifth production, Police Porjeche Kai Montreanche?, on January 8, 2023 at Ravindra Bhavan, Sanvordem-Curchorem.

His earlier tiatrs included Interview, He Amche Kaide, Goem Konnachem and Goykaranchem Pasiens Somplem; and all were well-accepted and appreciated by audiences.


Throwing light on his upcoming tiatr, Police Porjeche Kai Montreanche?, Saby de Divar said that the general public accuse the police force as being corrupt. “But, who has made them corrupt. Or why have they turned out to be so corrupt in society,” he said that nobody bothers to make an inquiry or in-depth study about the issue.

The tiatrs, 'Ghov Khevta Jugar Bail Zata Fugar' and 'Police Porjeche Kai Montreanche?' will be released this month
The tiatrs, 'Ghov Khevta Jugar Bail Zata Fugar' and 'Police Porjeche Kai Montreanche?' will be released this monthPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

“When it comes to selfless service to the general public, along with the politicians,” Saby de Divar said that the men in khaki uniforms also take an oath. “But, we find that the sacred oath, which is taken, is often broken and policemen are forced to stain their hands with corruption,” he confessed.

“The truth is often hidden, and falsehood empowers,” Saby de Divar stated. “And so, my tiatr will bring to light some hard truths prevailing in the police department – How the police are forced to bow down to honesty at work and sincerity, while exercising duty will be the highlights of my new production,” he said.

This month sees two new 'tiatrs'
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In his earlier tiatrs, Saby de Divar had welcomed upcoming artistes and given them a platform to showcase their talents on the tiatr stage. But this time, he has introduced all commercial tiatrists in his new production.

On account of the big cast, including the singers, Saby de Divar intends to stage his tiatr only in cities and not in villages. He has also hiked the price of the tickets from ₹ 150 to ₹ 200 due to the rise in transport costs, hall charges and other related tiatr issues.

This month sees two new 'tiatrs'
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Comedian Richard’s new tiatr release, Ghov Khevta Jugar Bail Zata Fugar, will be staged on January 15, 2023 at Sanvordem, followed by another show at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. This is the second production of the noted comedian.

Comedian Richard has always been welcomed by the tiatr audience for his natural comedy. And, as he appeals to the youth, he expects his new tiatr to be an instant hit.

This month sees two new 'tiatrs'
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Comedian Richard’s first production, Battli Soreachi Tikett Mornnachi, received an overwhelming response from tiatr lovers. And, within a short span of time, he celebrated the golden jubilee of his tiatr.

There were 37 shows staged in Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, out of which 35 shows turned out to be houseful. Thereafter, he became seriously ill and couldn’t continue with more shows of his first production.

This month sees two new 'tiatrs'
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Roping in noted tiatrists of the Konkani stage, namely Ulhas Tari, Roma, Antonette de Maina and Pascoal Rodrigues, besides singers like Tony de Ribandar, Peter de Arambol, Rosario de Benaulim and Lawry Travasso, comedian Richard is expecting a good response from the audience.

Regarding pricing of the tickets, the director intends to stick to the actual price of ₹ 150 only and may put up shows in the villages as well. He hopes that more tiatr lovers will attend, watch and appreciate his work on stage.

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